The CMYLA was formed to allow children to have a place to learn with a structured environment where they can play and at an appropriate level. The objectives of the CMYLA shall include but not limited to the following:To foster, support and promote t


Players are responsible to purchase equipment


Helmet that is a tested and approved

Shoulder Pads (*Note: NOCSAE ND 200 compliant shoulder pads will be mandatory as of January 1, 2022)

Arm Pads


Supporter and Cup

Protective Mouthpiece

Stick - short stick for offense (all players in grades K-6), long stick for defense (grades 7-8)

Lacrosse Cleats, rubber soccer and football cleats are fine



Helmet that is tested and approved (goalie only)

Protective eyewear

Protective Mouthpiece

Girls lacrosse stick

Lacrosse Cleats


More information can be found on the Equipment page of the USA Lacrosse website.


Where to buy equipment:

There are various options to purchase lacrosse equipment.  For those new to the sport, it is very helpful to go to a lacrosse only store where the store personnel are educated on the sport and fitting youth players.

Top String Lacrosse 

Dicks Sporting Goods