The CMYLA was formed to allow children to have a place to learn with a structured environment where they can play and at an appropriate level. The objectives of the CMYLA shall include but not limited to the following:To foster, support and promote t

  • Lacrosse Game Timer Instructions

    Game time –  U13 and U15
    • Four 10-minute periods.
    • Stop timer when whistle blows to stop play.
    • Start timer when whistle blows to start play.

    Game time – U9 and U11
    • Four 12-minute running periods

    End of period
    • Do not come onto the field; you can move down the sideline if necessary to get closer to the bench-side official.
    • All periods: Notify nearest official verbally when there are 20 seconds left, then count down loudly from 10, sounding horn at zero.
    • Fourth period only: Also notify the nearest official at 2:10 and 2:00 left.

    • Five minutes.
    • Notify officials when there are One minute and 20 seconds remaining.

    Signaling of penalties
    • Official signals the team that fouled.
    • The number of the player is signaled with one hand; holding the fingers up signals 0 through 5, while holding the hand sideways adds 5 to the number indicated.
    • Official says and signals the foul committed.
    • A “T” formed with the arms indicates a 30-second technical foul.
    • Holding 1, 2, or 3 fingers overhead indicates the number of minutes for a personal foul.
    • Some penalties are non-releasable, indicated by clapping hands over the head.

    Timing of penalties
    • When the penalty is signaled in, write down the player’s jersey color and number, the length of the penalty, the time the player should be released, and an “NR” if the penalty is non-releasable.
    • Penalty time starts when the whistle blows to restart play.
    • If a penalty expires during a faceoff, do not release the player until officials call possession (unless wing area was left vacant for faceoff).
    • If team A scores a goal, all releasable penalties for team B are released.
    • If team A scores a goal, penalties for team A are not released.
    • Non-releasable penalties always serve the full penalty time no matter how many goals are scored.
    • If a player has multiple penalties, non-releasable penalty time is always served first, regardless of the order of the fouls.
    • Unexpired penalty time at the end of a period carries over into the next period.
    • Keep all players serving penalties at the rear of the penalty area until they are within 5 seconds of being released. At that time, a substitute may take the place of the penalized player (who must go to the bench).

    Mercy Rule
    • In the second half, if one team leads by 10 or more goals the clock does not stop except for team timeouts, official timeouts, and injuries.
    • Penalties during this time are running time, but don’t start until whistle restarts play.
    • If the lead shrinks to 9 or fewer goals, the clock reverts to stop time.

    • Overtime period are four minutes long.  Stop Clock
    • Count down final 10 seconds and sound horn at zero.
    • Game is over once a goal is scored (Sudden Death).